Benefit of Competitive Examinations

Benefit of competitive examination

  • To develop habit to refer reference books for preparation of various competitive examinations For Ex. in NSO | IMO Exam CBSE Students also read State | ICSE Books or vice versa.

  • To prepare for future competitive examination like IIT-JEE (For 10000 seats 11 lakhs students appeared) NEET (For 65000 MBBS seats 13 lakhs students appeared Exam from all over India.) (Source : 2018 – IIT | NEET Exam Data).

  • Science subject is practical oriented rather than theoretical. Dr. Homi Bhabha exam is the only exam based on practical knowledge. Like Handling test tube, magnet, spring balance, chemicals etc. in 6th & 9th Std.)

  • In Dr. Homi Bhabha | NSTSE | NSO exam Science subject is categorized into Physics | Chemistry | Biology from 6th std. So, Parents / teachers can identify student’s potential in respective subject and accordingly will develop interest in science subject.

  • Students can understand exam pattern of various National level competitive examination like NSO | IMO | NSTSE | Abacus Vision Exam in Schooling age.

  • Mental ability (Intelligence test) is very important subject to develop the logic from age 11. Various exam like CAT | MBA-CET | MPSC | UPSC | BANKING | RBI | APTITUDE TEST at the time of campus recruitment in top most companies conduct test based on logic reasoning.

  • These course simultaneously also cover school syllabus of State / CBSE / ICSE Board.

  • Competitive examination are based on knowledge rather than learning & writing. Now a days 70% engineers are unemployable in market due to lack of practical knowledge & thought process (lack of decision making skill / analytical skill)


Bootstrap Example

Sr. No.
No. of Students Appeared
Selection Ratio
IIT (11 Lakhs)
10000 (0.90%)
NEET (13 Lakhs)
Approx. 65000 for MBBS (5%)
IIM's (2 Lakh)
3375 (1.6%)
IAS / IPS (10 Lakhs)
1000 (Less than 1%)
5 to 8%
Olympiad Exams
Top 5%
Dr. Homi Bhabha Exam
Top 7.5%
Govt. Scholarship (5th & 8th)
36000 Students out off 8 Lakh (5%)
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